Beat your
growth targets

without burning out your lead-gen team

We help B2B companies capture and convert leads with high-conversion digital strategies.

You won't get a second chance.

What are you going to say?
What are you going to show?
‍You have 3 seconds to attract attention.

Competition is one click away.

How we work

We deliver your leads through digital marketing strategies.

We develop ads, landing pages, trouble shoot websites, write high-conversion copy and create effective UX.

We experiment rapidly to find the most efficient avenues for your growth.

Some of the tools under our belt are search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing (SMM) or conversion rate optimisation (CRO).



Understand your customers like never before. Learn to speak their language to be better able to persuade and convince them.



See how things could fall into place in your lead generation funnel. This organised process – backed by insights – uses ROI as your North Star.


Design & testing & deployment

The pieces click and work together.


Conversion rate optimisation

Finally, you will easily be able to justify your decisions. You will get the data and be able to build upon it.

01 Foundations

We make sure we carry out the proper research first. We focus on understanding the benefits of your solution, the pain points and characteristics of your prospects, and the situations in which your prospects start looking for your site or showing buying intent.

02 Blueprints

At this stage, we create drafts of all the pieces that should fall together. We make sure we target all the holes in your leaking bucket and put systems in place to capture the relevant leads.

03 Design & testing & deployment

How does the copy play with the final design? Does your differentiation really stand out? How do all the form or survey integrations work and push data into your CDP or CRM? Does anything need a final touch? Here we test and see what works.

04 Conversion rate optimisation

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world,” said Albert Einstein, and we put the same principle into play. Even the smallest improvements have large effects over time as they make other small improvements a little more significant. They compound - and convert.

our services

“Petr from WinLeads showed us that it makes sense to invest in digital to build real-life business relationships.”

Website Audit

Find out why your site isn't performing.

Traffic analysis

Heuristics analysis (free sample)

SEO audit

Analytics & tracking review

Lead capture review

Lead Funnels

Launch high-conversion pay-per-click (PPC) or social channels that lead to your products and services.

Value proposition design

Landing page set-up

PPC & social set-up

Tracking and analytics

Lead capture set-up

Growth Machine

Capture and convert leads from your digital channels with the highest efficiency.

Deep website audit

Value proposition design

Homepage (+more) set-up

Tracking and analytics set-up

Lead capture set-up

Conversion rate optimisation

We will hapPily customise our plans to your needs.


Traffic Analysis

Persuasion Science

Lead Gen Technologies

why winleads

We deliver measurable improvements so you can justify your investments to yourself and your boss.

We can tailor solutions for low- and high-traffic websites.

We make paid ads a viable acquisition strategy because we make fewer clicks fall flat.

Beat your growth targets

without burning out your lead-gen team,

by saturating your pipeline with high-quality leads,

with a predictable budget.

    Petr has helped companies in various sectors before such as D2C brands, Telco, manufacturing or SAAS. Now he is building with a team of dedicated specialists to help B2B companies capture and convert leads with high-conversion digital strategies.

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